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This site is an informational resource for SharePoint administrators, developers, and users. It focuses on areas not covered well (or at all) by Microsoft, how-to books, or the SharePoint blogs. Below are some recent posts, but be sure to check out Articles for more content.

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Free Stuff! Dynamic QuickLaunch for SharePoint 2010

Did you notice the minus sign up in the upper left corner above the QuickLaunch? Click on it to collapse the QuickLaunch, click again to expand. That's the Dynamic QuickLaunch I did for Bamboo back in 2008. See the Bamboo community site. I've updated it for SharePoint 2010 using the v4.master page. Click here to get the spx_V4 master page with the Dynamic QuickLaunch.



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Cool Stuff

Need to validate an email address using SharePoint 2010 field validation? Use this formula:
=NOT(AND( [E-Mail Address] <> "", ISERROR(FIND("@",[E-mail Address])<>0),ISERROR(FIND(".",[E-mail Address])<>0) ) )
This avoids common pitfalls and will still allow the field to be optional.